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Lacatalina Suites Boutique Hotel Tour Paos Volcano, photo by Ogwen - Flickr Creative Commons License

A Costa Rica Boutique Hotel Tour Not to be Missed

Only 45 minutes away from Costa Rica Boutique Hotel LaCatalina Hotel en Heredia is Poás Volcano which is a true symbol of the geo-thermal forces that created Costa Rica. With its rain-fed lake surrounded by rising smoke and steam, the Poas Volcano crater is approximately 1,050 feet deep and nearly one mile across, making it the largest active volcano in the world.

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Boutique Hotel Costa Rica in Birri-Heredia Nature Tours

Eco-Tours available from this Costa Rica Boutique Hotel en Heredia

As a biodiverse and eco-friendly nation, Costa Rica is resplendent in natural beauty - all easily viewed from LaCatalina Hotel in Costa Rica. Experience yourself in one of many National Parks and protected areas, or take a trip to an active volcano, butterfly sanctuary or jungle habitat for a one of a kind travel experience.

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